Digital Marketing: Expectations vs. Reality

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In our life, we have a lot of expectations. These expectations increase every day. We are aware of the fact that it is hard to fulfill all those wishes. The same thing applies to digital marketing.


As business owners, you expect a lot from your marketing campaign. However, the results are different. Failing to attain the desired results from your marketing campaigns makes many of you disappointed, and you start making a distance from marketing your business digitally.


It doesn’t mean that digital marketing ineffective. It is, as many of you do not have the right expectations while marketing your business on digital means.


You know there is a massive distinction between expectations and realities. Before you start dealing with internet marketing, you need to have a sound idea about reality and what you should expect. Due to constant changes in the concept and the addition of new techniques each day, you need to have a close eye on what is happening.


This write-up has clearly explained what the expectations of digital marketing are and what the reality is. Keep reading the post until the end.


Expectations 1 - Paid ads enhance website traffic.

Reality - It is true to some extent. There is an increase in website traffic, but it does not guarantee of driving traffic to a website.


In paid ads, the content quality must be on the top. A paid advertisement provides easy access to users but does not enhance your ad quality. A customer clicks on an ad when it is attractive to them.

In fact, paid ads enhance website traffic, but the content (written words) plays a vital role in it.


Expectations 2 - More visibility means more business.

Reality - No, it isn’t true. The fact is different from it.


Traffic plays a vital role in getting leads for a business. You need to decide you want traffic or relevant traffic. Here, you can have a query about the difference between traffic and relevant traffic.


  1. instance, you are selling tables. You need people who are really interested in buying furniture. Besides, you need to focus on your conversion rate. By using several techniques and tactics, you can succeed in fetching numerous visitors to your business website. If the method is unpleasant, the customers won’t come back.


The fact is that more relevant traffic means more business.


Expectations 3 - Digital Marketing is enough for More Revenue.

Reality - Do you think that having a digital marketing strategy is sufficient to increase your business revenue? If yes, You Are Wrong here.


  1. first, you need to build or develop an excellent approach to market your business digitally. With this, you can expect good returns on your investment. You need to contact a professional digital marketing agency to make your strategy/approach work for you. The agency will help you develop a new strategy if you have no positive outputs after the implementation of the first one.


In fact, you can make a good income by marketing your business on digital means. It is possible when you or your agency will apply the right techniques and methods in the right way.


Expectations 4 - More exposure means more conversions or business.

Reality - As per the provider of digital marketing services, marketing your business digitally can enhance your business.


Keep in mind that it is not going to happen overnight, and it will not change your product/service quality. You need to hand over your business marketing to a professional agency if you are determined to get the most out of your digital marketing agency. Only the professional and competent agency knows effective marketing techniques along with ups & downs. So, it can support you to attain your target.


Expectations 5 - Coming up with ingenious ideas for a business is easy.

Reality - Always keep in mind that digital marketing will not help you have positive outputs in a single day.


In digital marketing, no technique works for a more extended period. Digital marketers always try to apply unconventional and fresh ideas that can work for your business. It is essential for you to be out of the box and think about new ideas that can help you draw new clients for your business. When you are making efforts to establish or run your trade, it is hard for you to invest more time for having innovative ideas. You can rely on a professional company offering internet marketing services.


In fact, you always need to be innovative while developing marketing strategies and applying the same, as digital marketing is all about experimenting.


Expectations 6 - Creating content and sharing the same on social media platforms help you beat out your counterparts.

Reality - The reality is different. For beating out your competitors, you need to create unique, relevant, and engaging content.


The content can be an image, video, infographics, or written texts. Whatever it is, it must be innovative. You need to be constant in creating and sharing content. Also, you must have a proper strategy for optimizing your business on social platforms.


  1. brief, creating and sharing only content is not enough. You should have comprehensive knowledge about the right SMO strategy.


Expectations 7 - Digital marketing is as easy as filling a form.

Reality - Most of the people expect that they can do e-marketing after know certain tricks or techniques and think it simple like filling a form. However, the reality is very different from this.


Keep in mind that internet marketing is dynamic, not static. So, knowing certain tricks or techniques will not help you promote your business on digital means. In it, no ideas or strategies work for a few months or years. With Google updates, the techniques you are using or the strategy you are following doesn’t work. You need to make new strategies and work on new tricks that can help you stay ranked higher.


Expectations 8 - Business listing means increased web traffic.

Reality - Most of the typical business owners expect that listing their business would increase traffic to their website. The fact is far from the truth.


By business listing, your business gets listed in the directory. It is mainly for direction. People get an idea on how to reach your business site or company. Business listing has no role in increasing traffic to your business website. Your web traffic is related to the rank (on search engines) by which customers reach you by typing specific keywords related to your products/services.



Digital marketing is today’s need for promoting a business on the Internet. You can fulfill all your expectations with the help of a professional digital marketing agency in California. The professionals working there follow the trends and plan a customized strategy to bring positive outcomes while marketing your business on digital platforms.

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