Is there any alternative to GPS tracking ?

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If we state monitoring, what immediately strikes your brain would be google map live monitoring or GPS devices utilized for commercial monitoring.


GPS monitoring is essentially done for automobile tracking, goods monitoring, which we utilize in our day to day life for meals programs, taxi programs to monitor in real time.


Nearly all of this monitoring is completed with the assistance of GPS apparatus or google maps.


In both scenarios, companies will need to put money into map info or to get GPS tracker apparatus with applications.


The question is, how can we monitor only with help of GPS devices and mobile programs?


The solution is straightforward -- NO!


There are choices to GPS monitoring -- Perhaps you have heard of SIM permission monitoring? The fundamental monitoring can be carried out with SIM together with the permission of the user.

SIM Consent Tracking

There's a monitoring option for industrial purposes to monitor the car with driver cellular phones. If any fleet owner would like to Track his truck, he may use the motorist's phone, it might be fundamental or smartphone.


For this, the initial fleet owner should buy the SIM monitoring credits from the various suppliers ( We VAMOSYS provide this support of FleetOS program ), if he/she eager to monitor their vehicles, the can monitor occasionally every 1 hour, two hours, four hours after as they want to monitor the automobile. In SIM consent monitoring, you receive the location of this driver mobile which could be monitored on the various application (say such as FleetOS).


This manner, the industrial fleet owners have improved options for GPS Driver monitoring.


List a Few of the Benefits of SIM permission tracking


1. On-demand usage: you are able to avail of this service only if it's required, or even you may opt-out. This attribute Isn't accessible GPS monitoring where you Want to pay monthly applications rental and buy GPS devices


2. No hardware needed: To monitor the automobile, as a fleet operator, you do not require any particular hardware devices for monitoring, simplified monitoring with cellular SIM.


3. Finally, cheap: that the SIM-based monitoring costs only the ordinary SMS price that we generally send others using cellular phones.


How can SIM monitoring work?

SIM-based monitoring system require two things


A cellular phone with a busy SIM card at the driver's handson.

A program (FleetOS) on the side to monitor the automobile.


How does SIM-based tracking solution work with FleetOS?

Step 1: Setup: should enroll yourself at a fleet management Solutions program (Say such as FleetOS) and buy the mandatory SIM credits in accordance with the demand.


Step 2: Ask for monitoring: Send the permission message to the monitoring mobile number for monitoring the automobile.


Step 3: Accept and affirm The driver should accept and affirm the request message by responding to the message Yes No.


Step 4: Regular tracking: Access the monitoring details occasionally as you asked for each 1 hour / two hour 4 hours since you setup for monitoring.

Our Advice to readers on SIM tracking

Technology development would be to simplify the procedure and attempts of humankind and it ought to be used sensibly.


The identical program shouldn't be used for individual tracking to keep track of your buddies, family , and other cell phone users.


Thus, the purpose of SIM approval is among the best choices for GPS monitoring the industrial vehicle monitoring, let this resolve the purpose since it's supposed to perform it.


If you would like to understand more about SIM monitoring or would like to utilize it to get instantaneous fleet monitoring functions, you can enroll on our FleetOS program and monitor the vehicle using driver cellular.


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