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There was a time when websites were full of texts with very few images, and these were all static HTML websites. However, times have changed and such websites do not fully meet the market requirements. Nowadays, websites need to be dynamic and which can accommodate lots of images and videos, should be easy to use and maintain, should be easy to update, and be flexible enough to be modified and customized. Wordpress, which started off as blogging platform, but now evolved into a complete content management system, offers all these benefits and has become the most popular web designing platform in the world. It is for this reason that HTML to Wordpress conversion has become so common these days. And not only HTML, sites built on other platforms are also switching to Wordpress. This article tries to highlight some easily recognizable benefits of this conversion.

There are numerous benefits of using Wordpress, such as simplicity and flexibility, easy to create and manage, enhanced user experience, SEO compatibility, ease of publishing new content, and there is no styling and scripting issues involved. With numerous themes and plugins on offer, it can be easily customized to your liking and requirements. Some core benefits are detailed below.


The HTML websites are static with several pages and lots of coding. It is estimated that one HTML file would be equal to one page on Wordpress. Maintaining and updating an HTML site is quite difficult, and for those with little knowledge of technical languages, it would be almost impossible.You would need an expert developer to make changes. Wordpress, on the other hand, does not require much coding and is very easy to create and maintain. Updating the site and publishing new content is possible with just a few clicks of the mouse. As Wordpress was initially meant for blogging, it has many in-built functions embedded into it. Further, there are thousands of themes and plugins that allow easy customization and make the site highly flexible and versatile.

SEO Friendly 

Search engine optimization is a basic necessity for business websites. You cannot expect to draw huge traffic if you don’t get good ranking on search engine results.Wordpress has several in-built features that make it SEO compatible. Though you would need to optimize it further for better search engine result, it already accounts for more than 75% of ranking parameters. The crawlers are able to gather maximum information from Wordpress sites by going through the pages, posts, and categories. When you migrate website to Wordpress, categorization and tagging becomes easy. Further, you can use any of the numerous plugins to make your site more SEO friendly.

Large Community of Users and Developers

WordPress is the most widely used website building platform, and it being an open source, the community of users and developers is huge. Thousands of people around the world are continuously working on developing new themes and plugins to further improve the platform. Regular updates are made available which also ensures that security concerns are promptly addressed making it extremely difficult for hackers to breach them. Large community of users and developers ensures that help is always round the corner whenever you run into some trouble.HTML to Wordpress conversion really makes sense.


Wordpress, with its numerous user-friendly features and thousands of themes and plugins, makes customization very simple. This is not possible on HTML site as it involves lot of programming and coding. Initially, customization may seem a bit complex, but once you get a hang of things it becomes really simple. And, you can always get help from the huge support community that you have. Different businesses have different requirements, so you can customize your website according to the needs of your business. You can use additional widgets, templates and plugins to make the site more appealing and also enhance its functionality to improve user experience.

Cost Effectiveness

With its ready-to-use platform, HTML to Wordpress conversion is quite easy and does not require much of an investment. Originally being a blogging platform, Wordpress has several in-built features that augment its capabilities and saves you from many additional expenses.  You are allowed to choose your own host. The host can also integrate their interactive features with your website. Once you have switched to Wordpress, running and maintaining your site doesn’t require much expenditure. Though it doesn’t require much coding, embedded features make for cheaper coding process, if at all it is required. Also, being an SEO friendly platform, you save a substantial amount on SEO investment. Unlike HTML, you don’t have to hire expensive website experts to implement changes and modifications, or to upgrade your site.

To conclude, there are several benefits of converting your website from HTML to Wordpress, but you also need to assess your requirements before you go for the conversion.

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